Featured Pieces
Jon Kuhn Ribbon

This on-line venue was created to answer a need expressed by many for an on-going secondary market venue that would allow collectors to buy, sell and trade works of art. Habatat Galleries support of Contemporary Glass goes back to the beginning of this fast growing vital new art form (1971). In the early years we pushed to educate and develop a market for Contemporary Glass, now I am in a position to help build a strong secondary market.

The aim of the GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE is to provide an easy, effective, and cost efficient vehicle for collectors to sell individual works of art or whole collections. For buyers; the exchange offers the opportunity to acquire a choice of historically significant works (in most cases) no longer being produced by the artist.

New works are being listed and updated continually. If you are interested in a certain artist or have other criteria such as price, size, color, etc, please let me know. That fabulous piece you are looking for may be available but just not added to the website.

I look forward to helping you sell or locate a special work of art either from the GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE or from current inventory of Habatat Galleries.

Linda Boone
President, Glass-ART-Exchange