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William Morris
Hanging Petroglyph Vessel
28 x 20 x 6 in.

The Petroglyph series of vessels had the most intriguing and beautiful imagery of all of Morris’s work. Layers of powdered glass create positive/negative imagery of prehistoric animals on cave walls. Aventurine shimmers subtly thru the background. The interior is white. The imagery on this vessel is particularly crisp and dramatic, and the hanging presentation which makes it sculptural is rare.

No artist has more successfully created a legacy of powerful, diverse and technically challenging works in glass.

A fascination with nature and early civilization has been a constant thread that has unified his artistic career.

In 2007 at age 49 William Morris stopped working in glass, ending a remarkable and much to short career. He felt that he said what he wanted to say, but we all wanted more! He left a wonderful legacy of museum quality work that fortunate collectors around the world are enjoying. Morris was honored for his accomplishments with a “Visionary Award” from the Museum of Art and Design in New York in 2001. William Morris’s sculptures are represented in over 70 museums and public collections worldwide; museum exhibition of his works are on going.

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