Artist Robert Mickelsen Corona piece
Robert Mickelsen
30 in. high

Beautiful lidded sculptural container, that is sculpted by the flame-working process. The detail in created by carving through the layers by sandblasting then fire polishing (re-heating) the finished area.

My personal conclusion after many years of representing Robert Mickelsen – is that he can do “anything” with flame-worked glass. He takes risks, experiments and always can be expected to make the unexpected! Mickelsen’s work often combines the use of flame-working and sandblasted carving.

Born in Virginia, Robert Mickelsen was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He attended Humboldt State University in California. In the 70’s be became fascinated with glass and apprenticed with professional lamp-workers. Mickelsen has been exhibiting since 1982. He continues to push the boundaries of his work, with an amazing command of both the image and the sculptural form. His work is included in prestigious private and public collections throughout the country.

“I look for the unexpected in my work, and make a deliberate effort to cultivate surprises; my ideas are driven by subconscious thoughts, spontaneous fantasies, and dreams.”

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