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Czeslaw Zuber
11 x 6.5 in.
Cold-worked glass with enamels

Zuber is an artist descending from the Studio Glass movement, developed from the United States in the sixties and radiating out to Europe in the seventies and eighties.

While the sculptures of Zuber seem to be easy to read, superposed pictures

Inside the main shape various elements settle and create other images which multiply inside a space.

Fantastic animals with various expressions are given shapes to the bloc of glass.

In this context, he apprehends glass without denying its tradition, while giving it an expression other than functional. His sculptures highlight essential pictorial elements ; they take advantage of the transparency of glass, one of its fundamental qualities. A dense and continually enriched iconography moves the imagination of the sculptor. Through his dynamic and colorful compositions, Zuber deals with the modern world from many aspects. All the persons, animals and objects finally create a completely dreamlike universe everybody is free to interpret according his own sensibilities

His sculptures strike by their force, mainly due to the contrast of bright colors and transparencies, to the dynamics created by the cut, and at last by a sensitive staging.
Seen as a whole, his creations are a stunning inventory of discovery and surprise, of optimism, often unexpected, but always thrilling and exuberant.