Criteria for submitting work:

  • Glass submitted must be “original” works of contemporary art.
  • Art jewelry and art works in other mediums will be accepted on an individual basis.
  • The final decision for submission of a work of art is solely at the discretion of the Glass-Art-Exchange.

To Begin:

If you would like to submit an art object to be listed on the Glass-ART-Exchange, please send or email an image of the piece and supply as much information as possible for each piece (see below) so an appraised value and realistic selling price can be established.

Once the value has been established and you wish to move forward with the listing, a submission form will need to be filled out for each piece.

Pricing Structure:

The Glass-Art-Exchange will receive the following commission from the seller upon completion of the sale:

Selling Price:
$1,000 - $25,999 = 20%
$26,000 - $89,999 = 16%
$90,000 - up = $12%

Helpful information includes:
Contact information
Artist name
Title of art work(s)
Medium, date, size
Original price paid (last appraised price if available)