The GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE has the role of a facilitator in working to bring the buyer and seller together and to assist in making the transaction as successful as possible for both parties, and is not responsible for any default by the seller or by the buyer.

The GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE makes every effort to catalogue and describe the object for sale and its creator as accurately as is possible relying on information supplied by the seller. The seller guarantees that all information regarding the artwork they submitted is accurate to the best of their knowledge. The GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE will try to verify this information before it’s listing on the Exchange. The GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE, however, assumes no risk, liability or responsibility for identification or authenticity, regarding the creator, date, weight, count or measure of any property identified on the Exchange. No statement anywhere, whether oral or written, shall be deemed such a guarantee, warranty or representation

The GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE has the right to investigate each item placed for sale on the Exchange and, if necessary, conduct an investigation with the assistance of an outside expert. The GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE has the right to refuse to list on object for sale on the Exchange. If any doubt arises about authenticity, value, ownership, right to sell or other such issues the GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE has the right to remove said piece from its web site. If an object is not accepted for sale or removed from the web site, the seller will be notified of the decision.

Upon sale:
The agreed on monies for said artwork must be sent from buyer prior to packing/shipping and will be held in an account by the GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE.

The seller’s responsibility will be to contact a service to pack and ship the art work with the understanding that the purchaser will pay 60% of the agreed on costs. The seller will insure said piece until it arrives safely and is inspected by purchaser. (The GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE) will assist the seller in making shipping arrangements if asked to do so, as a favor to the seller and is in no way responsible for any damage that may occur during the packing, handling and shipping of the object.)

Monies will be held for 15 days from the time the buyer receives delivery of the artwork, after that time if no grievance/return is forthcoming the money owed will be forwarded to the seller.

Return policy:
If the buyer is not satisfied with their purchase the GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE must be notified. The buyer may return the piece insured and shipped at their expense with-in 14 days. (If more time is needed because of special handling The Exchange may make a special waver).

*Damage must be reported within 24 hours.

Buyers who believe that there is a significant error in regards to period, authorship, condition, etc must notify the GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE within 7 days of receipt of the artwork. If there is deemed a gross misrepresentation or damage to said artwork, held monies will be returned to the purchaser and the art piece will be returned to the sellers at their expense. (The GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE will have the final say as to what is fair and reasonable).

Unless exempt by law from the payment thereof, the purchaser will be required to pay any and all applicable state and/or local taxes. A tax certificate copy is required in order to receive any tax exemptions. Deliveries to be made outside the state where a sale is conducted may therefore be subject to a corresponding or compensating tax in another state.

The GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE will make changes and revisions to the Conditions of Sale as need be. The GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE is new and adjustments will be made as deemed necessary. The Exchange will make every effort to make known any changes that occur. The GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE is not liable for any misunderstandings that may take place due to a change, it is up to the seller and buyer to read the Conditions of Sale posted on the website.

All work offered and sold thru the GLASS-ART-EXCHANGE shall be offered
and sold on the terms and conditions set forth in these “conditions of sale”. By
the act of submitting works for sale, and or purchasing works listed on the glass-art-exchange you acknowledge that you are bound by these terms and conditions.